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Sarah Ridy

Sarah began to play the harp at the age of eight and graduated with honours in pedal harp at the Royal Northern College of music in 2003. IN 2006 she obtained her degree in Baroque harp performance at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, studying with Christina Pluhar. Two years later she finished her Early Music Masters programme at the same conservatory.

Since starting in The Hague, she has become a member of several ensembles and performed with them as part of the Utrecht Festival of Early Music and in many informal concerts. She has recently played in concerts with the ensemble L'Arpeggiata, also taking part in the Cavalli opera Ercole Amante as part of the festivald'Ambronay in autumn 2006 in France, and performances of Caccini's Eurydice in Belgium.

She has also performed as a soloist, most recently in Liverpool Cathedral in January 2007 and looks forward to expanding further the solo repertoire for the Baroque harp.

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